The Firm

We believe that our client’s goals are dynamic and we have identified three main challenges that serve as road blocks to achieving these goals. By focusing on these three issues, we are able to identify solutions and improve the use and enjoyment of their wealth.


Many of our clients live busy lives and may not be fully aware of problems that arise with their current life insurance, estate, and wealth transfer planning. We take pride in our boutique approach of identifying problems and presenting options to avoid a fractured or fragmented plan.


We understand that nobody likes to miss an opportunity. Opportunities that are spotted can be acted upon which can create better financial outcomes.


Being disorganized can create a sense of uncertainty, which can take a daily toll and lead to procrastination in making important decisions. We work with our clients to develop structure and organization around their life insurance, estate, and wealth transfer planning – this gives them a sense of where they are and where they are going.

Over the past 30 years, we have built our firm around identifying and solving these problems for our clients, who include affluent individuals, families and business owners.

Our firm is one of the select owners of Lion Street, making us uniquely positioned within a network of elite industry experts.  This platform provides us with proprietary technology, powerful resources and intellectual capital from specialized financial professionals.

The Team

Anthony Giordano
Danielle Butigieg
New Business & Underwriting
Josh headshot
Josh Marcus
Director of Client Service
Seth Wasserman
Illustrations and Case Design Specialist
Leilani Filipanko
Executive Assistant Team
Lauren Taylor
Executive Assistant Team

Our Clients

Life is dynamic. Opportunities arise. Goals change. At Gio Financial, we believe that many affluent individuals, families and business owners run into roadblocks. Our clients have come to us for:

Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning

Buy Sell Coverage

Key Man Coverage

Risk Management

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